Solar System Technology 

A complete solar diploma program.


Solar System Technology

Solar energy technology use is increasing rapidly in Nigeria. The sector is the largest and fastest growing renewable energy being installed all over the world.
There is an obvious need for experts, technologist and engineers that can support this growth.

₦75,000 ₦80,000

What will you learn?

=> Systems design and engineering

=> The physics of PV Technology

=> Solar systems installation

=> Project management

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Course Description

The program includes diverse learning activities, including videos, readings, exercises and real-world applications. You will be guided through the content in an inspiring, hands-on, but rigorous manner. It is designed so knowledge is built gradually. We therefore recommend that students follow the courses in the suggested order. However, you may choose to enroll in any course of your choice based on your background knowledge or experience.

Duration: 2 Months

Requirements: Basic Technical Tools

Lecture Days: Fridays and Saturdays

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Tuition Fee: ₦75,000 (10% off)

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