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March, 2020

5 Must-Have Home Gadget in 2020 (Photos)

Here are the smart home products that are most worth your time this yea... [Continue]

The Moment CCTV caught a buglar breaking into a Supermart (video)


Smart Watch,Your Best Companion


Top 3 Web Skills(For Android Users) in Hot Demand in 2020

Business, companies and Enterprises are in constant search for individuals and applicants that can add value to their system... [Continue]

COVID-19 update

At Vanzeta Engineering here are steps,we are taking to keep you our customers,  our employees and community safe with modern technology... [Continue]

14 Years Caught on CCTV Trying to Break into Neighbour's House Amidst COVID-19 Lockdown (video)

As Lagos State Government declare partial lockdown despite the inequality and prevalent hunger in the state. From recent happening, increase in crime seems to be on the horizon.[Watch...]


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